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Oribi [Ourebia ourebi]


These antelope are rather Gracious, having long slender legs and neck. Their ears are oval shaped with a brown coloured coat and white underside. The Rams weigh 14kg and stand only 600mm at the shoulder. When alarmed, they do a unique stotting position which is followed by a vertical leap.


Oribis are generally grazers that can occasionally be browsers as well. It is not dependent on a free water service.



Oribis are seasonal breeders that reach birth peak in November and December. Their gestation period is about 200 days after which a single calf is born. Lambs are hidden from the world for a few months where the mother returns to suckle its offspring.


These antelope are found in monogamous groups that contain a ram and 2 ewes. These groups are territorial and will actively defend their territories. Dominant rams chase away the young rams from the group but young ewes stay with the family group.


Oribi live in various habitats including Plains, montane grasslands, light bushveld, grasslands and floodplains. Oribi are often seen during a Kruger Park Safari.

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