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4 Day Safari Packages

We’ve designed our Kruger safaris to be as comfortable as possible, and we’ve sourced the best accommodation for each of the safaris we offer. When comparing our Kruger Park safaris with similar companies, you’ll find that our tours come out on top time and again. Regardless of whether your trip to the Kruger is for a romantic holiday or a yearly family getaway, we have the best Kruger National Park safaris for you to choose from.

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A 4 day Kruger Park safari is filled with all of the best experiences that this world-renowned nature conservation park has to offer. With half a million guests passing through the Kruger National Park’s gates each year, the Kruger remains South Africa’s top safari destination. You can see it all here and with a 4 day Kruger trip, there is more than enough time to make memories while filling your photo album.

A Kruger Park private safari can reinvigorate your soul. 4 days spent in the quiet surrounds of unspoiled wildlife, with nothing to distract you except the call of the fish eagle and the gentle footsteps of a passing elephant, guests can unwind and immerse themselves in tranquil nature. Guests visiting the Kruger can enjoy all of the modern conveniences such as comfortable accommodation and internet access. Kruger National Park safaris are conducted in an open safari vehicle, designed to give the height need to see over plants and small trees in order to spot wildlife. Kurt Safari focuses on the Southern Kruger, driving guests along those roads best known for the Big 5 and all kinds of other animals. We drive guests through the gates closest to Hazyview, the town in which we book accommodation. Visitors enjoy a full day Kruger National Park safari for every full day they are with us. With the maximum amount of time spent in the park, guests can really see it all!

The Kruger National Park safari is a truly once in a lifetime experience and it is best enjoyed with a safari operator. Guided Kruger Park trips allow guests to get the most out of their stay. Each tour is led by a knowledgeable guide who has years of experience touring the Kruger. Although you are spending plenty of time on safari, each day yields new experiences and the opportunity to see something different. Nothing in the Kruger is predictable, so each safari is a one of a kind journey.
Our phenomenal selection of 4 day Kruger Park safaris includes a combination of private safaris as well as shared ones. 4 days is an excellent amount of time to spend in the park and you will certainly leave us with a new appreciation and a renewed love for the African wild.

Our 4 day Kruger safari Packages

4 Day Kruger Big 5 Safari

4 days in the Kruger is the dream for many an adventurer. The Big 5 safari not only includes plenty of time on safari but it also includes luxury accommodation, making it the perfect tour package for guests wanting to completely unwind. The 4-star accommodation included as part of the package is based in Hazyview, which is a short drive away from the Kruger. After a day spent spotting animals, guests will return to their luxury rooms and a delicious meal, the ideal setting in which to completely relax. There is nothing quite like falling asleep to the sounds of Africa.

4 Day Kruger National Park Photographic Safari

For the visitor wanting to capture the most exquisite wildlife images, this Kruger National Park safari is without a doubt the best option. The safari is custom made and custom priced, so guests will enjoy a more unique and personal experience. With two drives a day, in a comfortable vehicle, photographers have all the time in the world to focus on their craft. After each day, we return to comfortable lodgings and some downtime. Each day spent on safari is an early one, as we like to be in the park before the sun rises.

4 Day Kruger Park Backpackers/Student Safari

This guided Kruger Park safari is perfect for backpackers and students alike, with the price being more than affordable for the experience you will receive. With 4 days of safari, guests will leave the park having seen an abundance of animals, perhaps even the Big 5. Accommodation is situated close to the Kruger, and each evening guests can relax to the symphony of sounds that emit from the surrounding nature.

4 Day Kruger Park Budget Safari

A classic budget safari, this adventure is not to be missed. We believe that no one should miss out on the opportunity of seeing the park, just because some safari packages are exponentially priced. Budget safaris include comfortable accommodation close to the Kruger as well as evening meals, breakfasts and transfers to and from Johannesburg. Visitors will spend many days on safari, seeing all kinds of animals, including the Big 5, as we tour the Southern Kruger.

4 Day Kruger Park Backpackers/Student Safari

The Classic Kruger National Park safari is one of our most popular tours and it is certainly the best way to explore the park. This tour includes full days in the park, sunset safaris, and early morning starts. Our safaris start at the best times, ensuring that you get the most out of your stay by seeing as many animals as possible.