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Slide Kruger park day safari South African Tourism Award

A Family of Felines

The Kruger National Park is known for all kinds of amazing animals of different sizes and species. One of the species of animals that are quite frequent and varied in the Kruger National Park are the Cats of the Kruger National Park. There are plenty of unique and powerful cat species that are worth checking out:


The Lion is the largest cat in the Kruger National Park that is fierce, powerful and intimidating, earning it the name of King of the Jungle. These powerful cats live in prides, with the females doing a majority of the hunting. The males will join the hunt when the females need extra muscle with big prey like buffalo and eland. A Pride has a single dominant male, with plenty of lionesses and their cubs. Lions are a treat to see during a Kruger Park Safari and will bring you one step closer to the complete Big 5.


The Cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth that is capable of reaching speeds of 60km/h. The Cheetah is smaller in stature compared to the Leopard, which allows for its great speeds. The Cheetah is not a powerful animal and therefore hunts smaller prey by stalking its prey and using its burst of speed to run it down. A trip or stumble at these insane speeds can severely injure the prey to make it easier to kill.


The Leopard is the silent assassin of the Kruger National Park that is hardly seen because of its secretive nature. It is an ambush predator that relies on stealth and surprise to catch its prey. Leopards are stronger than a cheetah but weaker than a lion and is considered a perfect mix between speed and power. The leopard is a powerful climber that can carry a carcass up a tree to keep it away from scavengers.



The serval is a smaller cat that has a similar appearance to the Cheetah and leopard as it also has a tawny coat and black spots. The serval is a rather solitary animals that hunt at night. The Serval is adept at hunting with sight and hearing rather than scent. These cats hunt small mammals, birds and reptiles.


The Caracal is a rusty coloured cat that calls the desert and sandy areas home. The Caracal is a smaller hunter that primarily hunts at night. It preys on small animals like small mammals, birds and reptiles. The caracal is hunted as it is considered a problem and adds to the elusive nature of the animal.

Black Footed Cat

The Black Footed Cat is rather elusive cat that lives in open, dry environments that blends with the grass lands. The Black Footed Cat has a faded tawny colour with that is covered in black spots. It has iconic black coloured feet. The Black Footed Cat hunts primarily on rodents, shrews and small birds. The Black Footed Cat is mainly a nocturnal hunter.

African Wild Cat

The African Wild Cat is a rather obscure cat of the Kruger National Park. The African Wild Cat looks physically like a normal cat that is slightly larger and much more wild. African Wild Cats prey mostly on rodents, lizards, birds and insects.

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