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What To Do If You See Someone Breaking The Park Rules

The Kruger National Park is one of the most protected places on earth. As such, those who are visiting the park have to adhere to a list of reasonable rules that are designed to protect the integrity of the environment, as well as to protect the wildlife roaming the area. And those same rules also work perfectly to protect the park visitors, as this territory is, after all, a wildlife habitat and not a zoo. Here, the animals come first, and those visiting are merely guests in the animal’s home.

And yet while the rules are so important, for so many reasons, there are still park guests who choose to flout them and as such, endanger both themselves and the wildlife they pass along the way. Time and time again, the news headlines in local travel magazines talk of park guests who have not obeyed the rules and as such have ended up causing harm to an animal or crashing their cars.

In an ideal world, everyone would be committed to preserving the rules and maintaining the integrity of the park and its inhabitants. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and the park doesn’t have enough traffic officials or rangers to constantly drive up and down all of the many roads, monitoring park guests. While in the past people were very obedient when it came to the rules, those days are long gone and now it is up to other park guests to help out by becoming watchdogs of sorts.

Giraffe Sighting in the Kruger National Park

Basic Park Rules

Every guest will receive a list of rules when they enter the park. So there is no excuse for not going along with the rules. And since you are on holiday, there is really no need to rush!

The most basic park rule is to drive at a reasonable speed. Most of the roads are 50km an hour or 40km an hour, depending on whether the road is tarred or gravel. The other most basic rule is to stay within your vehicle and to never attempt to touch an animal.

And yet, although these rules are very easy to follow, they are the 2 rules that are often the most broken.

So what can you do if you see someone breaking the rules?

Park officials always appreciate genuine concerns. When someone is spotted driving dangerously or climbing out of their vehicle to take a selfie with a lion (it actually happens far more often than you’d think), it is always encouraged that you report it.

On the booklet that you will get when entering the park is an emergency number that you can use to report an incident. Alternatively, if you are close to a rest camp, you can drive in and report it at the reception area, who can then alert the right people who can take action. It would help to have a registration number for the offending vehicle as well as to be able to describe the vehicle.

When on a Kruger Park safari, and you notice someone doing the wrong thing, it is best to report it and not confront the person yourself.


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