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Southern Tree Agama


Southern Tree Agama [Acanthocercus atricollis]


The Agama is a medium sized lizard that reaches lengths of 165mm. They have a light grey-brown body colour that grades towards a yellowish brown colour. Their heads are rather iconic as they have a bright blue head that blends into the brown of the body.


Like many lizards its size, the Southern Tree Agama feeds on smaller prey like caterpillars, millipedes, beetles, termites and grasshoppers.


These lizards are widely distributed throughout Eastern Africa, Northern regions of South Africa going as far as Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Botswana and Ovamboland.


The female will lay 5 – 14 soft shelled eggs in soft, moist soil. The eggs will hatch after a period of about 90 days.

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