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Olive Grass Snake


Olive Grass Snake [Psammophis mossambicus]


The Olive Grass Snake is a rather large snake with a long tail and a non-flattened snout. Its body colour is primarily olive-brown in colour that gets paler towards the tail. In some cases, the snake will have black lines or black flecks scattered across its forebody. It has a white-yellow coloured underside that stretches the length of its body.


The Olive Grass Snake has a diet that consists mainly of reptiles and amphibians and includes frogs, lizards, other snakes and even you Black Mambas.


The Olive Grass Snake can be found in some Parts of Northern KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and other countries in Southern Africa. As the name suggests, the Olive Grass Snake prefers grassy areas where they can stay hidden among the grass.


The Female Olive Grass Snake lays her eggs in midsummer among dead leaves and can lay anywhere from 10 – 30 eggs at a time. The baby Olive Grass Snakes hatch from their eggs after 65 days.

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