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Helpful Tips to Travel to Garden Route in South Africa

Helpful Tips to Travel to Garden Route in South Africa


Garden Route

Many people are attracted to the garden route of South Africa for its pedigree of scenic beauty and divergence- just one moment, you would be lost in enjoying sky-high mountains. Still, the other moment you would be somewhere around the shoreline. So, this fantastic long drive offers you more and more natural beauty and activities, you can go on hiking or a romantic lunch in a garden full of roses, or you can have a relaxing sunbath on a beach. For driving smoothly on this iconic escapade, you would want to put some thoughts into it and plan before leaving for an incredible venture to avoid any mismanagement.

Before scheduling it, know what you are signing for?

The Garden Route of South Africa highlights ecologically diverse natural beauty stretching about 300 kilometers from captivating Mossel Bay to Storms River, making it a five-hour drive. 

Best time to travel

For a memorable experience, travel during spring or summer break from September to March or even early in April because you will have long warm days. Keep some right warm clothes while packing as you will have to drive through different coastlines with different weather conditions. 

You can come across fresh and aromatic flowers blooming in the spring or whales migrating from the coast of Hermanus.

Be sure to plan a trip to Monkey Sanctuary and Eden aviary for the pedigree breed. 

The time duration of the Garden route

If you wish to see more picturesque South Africa, you need to travel from Cape Town by spending almost six nights and still not enough. If you are leaving from Port Elizabeth, you can finish it in three days. So, plan according to the time available at your watch. 

Also, for the safest travel, avoid walking alone at night or traveling solo other than tourist season. Be sure to hire a car service that is reliable and trustworthy for such a long drive, or if you are taking your private car for the industry, ensure car maintenance to avoid any breakdown in the middle of nowhere!

Allocation of budget for the road trip

If you are traveling with your friends or family, you will need to save a handsome amount, because from food to accommodation in a hotel even for planning a road trip of three or a week. 

For an affordable experience, stock your car with food dehydrated snack items and water bottles. Some of the time, you can self-cater a picnic of a BBQ bonfire night. Don’t forget the transport and petrol charges if you hire a car service or drive your car. 

From a pedigree of events regarding safe travel along with good health, you should make sure to consume fresh food, especially meat, off the streets. You are fond of it. Ensure the water you drink is purified, or keep purifying tablets just in case. 

Packing essentials for the magical experience!

Make sure to search weather predictions for your respective travel dates, which can guide you through packing your bags accordingly. Here is the list:

  • Hiking boots safe when planning to go on long hikes
  • Rain jackets for sudden rains along the way
  • Binoculars
  • Refill water bottles because that’s what you will need to protect yourself from scorching African sunlight. Make sure to stay hydrated as much as you can
  • Warm clothes if the weather changes suddenly cold
  • Sunblock and insect repellent creams
  • Travel mini bags for handy items
  • Some medicines if stomach upset or travel nausea and vomiting
  • Bandage and first aid kit
  • Swimsuits when you get adrenaline rushed for swimming in the hot summer sun
  • Medical and vehicle insurance
  • Your identification cards as you will be traveling in different regions 
Garden Route

Useful tips if traveling for the first time:

  • Drive slowly and on the left side of the road if it is your first experience 
  • Lookup for all the road signs and safety guidelines
  • On single-lane highways, make way for vehicles trailing behind you for long
  • Do not feel pressured to drive fast when there is less traffic
  • Book to the nearest health clinic for vaccination before travel
  • Rent reliable car service 
  • You don’t need to travel on the Garden route and choose a central place; this saves you from the hustle of packing so much and spend time for no more than half an hour on all tourist attraction sites

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