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Crocodile [Crocodylinae]


It is a large lizard-shaped animal with four short legs and a strong muscular tail. The back is tough and protected by scales. Juveniles are usually dark olive to brown with dark rings on the body and tail. Adults are fainted in color with darker rings. Crocodiles can reach an average length of 5 meters and has an average weight of 220-550 kg.


Juveniles have t eat small insects and aquatic animals such as small carp fish. Adults have a wider variety of prey such as buffalo, big cats and small hippos.


Crocodiles can be found in a lot of different places such as South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Namibia, Somalia, Swaziland, Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Crocodiles lay their eggs close to the water in a nest dug by the female which is dug by the females and the nests are usually 50cm deep. It takes about 70-100 days for the eggs to hatch, females will stay near their nests during this time. When the time comes for the crocodilians to hatch the females and sometimes males will help crack open the egg and females will carry their young to the water and take care of them.


Crocodiles are very socializing animals but when they feel threatened they will stand their ground to protect themselves and females will protect their young ones.

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