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Black Headed Oriole


Black Headed Oriole


The Black Headed Oriole is a small bird that can sometimes be confused with the Dark-throated and Black-hooded Orioles. They have a bright yellow body colour with the distinctive black head and neck. The Black Headed Oriole has red eyes and a red beak with black legs and feet. The unique colouration of the Black Headed Oriole can make it quite a conspicuous bird and it can sometimes be difficult to spot one because its preferred habitat is in high trees and thick bush. You will most likely hear them before you see them.


The Black Headed Oriole feeds mainly on seeds, fruit, nectar, insects and berries and has a very quick digestion period of 5 minutes. This means they are constantly feeding and constantly hungry.


Black Headed Orioles place their nests high up on thin branches of tree canopies. They disguise their nests by covering them in cobwebs, lichen, and sticks. Little is known about the breeding habits of the Black Headed Orioleas it is such a shy animal.


Black Headed Oriole forages in the tree canopy, feeding on small fruits and insects it can find. During Courtship, the male will perform a number of moves including tail fanning, fast dives, spins and various pitched sounds. Black Headed Orioles are interesting birds that have a very fast and direct flight pattern. They can often be seen near or on aloes, feeding on the flowers.

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