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African Fish Eagle


African Fish Eagle


The African Fish Eagle is one of the most iconic birds in South Africa. It has a mainly light brown lower body with a bright white neck and head with the featherless skin on their face a bright yellow. Their Beak gradients from yellow to black and curves down sharply. The wings of the African Fish Eagle Are light brown with black feathers on the tops and edges. The African Fish Eagle is a rather large raptor that can catch some large prey.


Like the name suggests, the Fish Eagle’s diet consists mainly of fish but they also hunt feed on other animals like smaller birds, flamingoes, rodents and other small mammals. African Fish Eagles often stay in areas close to water where their main prey can be found.


The Fish Eagle has two unique calls. The one call can be heard when they are near their nests that is a sounds like a quock while their call while perched or in flight is similar to that of an American Eagle. African Fish Eagles are generally seen in pairs both during and outside of breeding season and share the kills made by either of them.


The African Fish Eagle can often be seen perched high up on a tree that has a good view of a river or lake or coastline. African Fish Eagles will build their nests in places that that provide sufficient food. African Fish Eagles will prefer areas that aren’t constantly wet or have wet weather, a place they can stay at year long.

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