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Kurt Safari Sightings – First Weeks of October 2019

Sightings in the first week of October 2019

We kicked off the month of October on a high note, with a few unusual sightings which caused a lot of excitement amongst both guides and guests. These are a few of the highlights from the first few weeks of the month:

Monday: While working our way to breakfast at Skukuza, we had an incredible Wild Dog sighting on the Napi Road (H1-1), close to the transport dam. The hunting party returned to their pips all bloodied and excited, with food from the kill. We had front row seats to the whole regurgitation, an experience which was absolutely priceless!

After breakfast, Excellent and I proceeded along the Sabi River, following the H4-1 towards Lower Sabi. We couldn’t believe our lick as we watched two young lionesses catch an impala right in front of us, giving us our second front row show of the day.

Wildlife is flourishing all along the river banks as the dry season persists and water remains as scarce as ever.

Other sightings during the earlier weeks of October included Honey Badgers, a Secretary Bird on the S1 (Doispan), a young male leopard which had brought down a kill on the Kruger Gate Road, and a vulture clean up session on the H3 (Mlambane Bridge).

We favoured Tshokwane as our breakfast stop of choice, as we decided to travel further north in the park (can’t say no to a Buffalo pie and “moerkoffie”). The start of October has definitely been one of the best weeks for Kurt Safari…so far at least!

And that’s all folks,

Stay tuned to our monthly and weekly blog updates to see what else we come across while travelling the Kruger National Park! Or better yet, join us on one of our safaris.

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