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Thick Tailed Bush Baby


Thick-tailed Bushbaby


The Thick-tailed Bushbaby is a nocturnal primate with a thick coat and large ears. The Thick-tailed Bushbaby has a brown coat that slowly fades to its white underside. The Fingers of the Bushbaby are nimble and have a thick skin on its finger tips to provide extra grip while climbing trees. The Bushbaby has large eyes and an iconic thick bushy tail.


Groups of these Bushbabies disperse at dusk to forage for insects. They can also gather around gum licks and fruiting trees.


The Thick-tailed Bushbaby has a gestation period of about 132 days and gives birth to up to 4 young. Little is known about the breeding habits of the Thick-tailed Bushbaby.


These animals love sleeping and regularly form sleeping groups with the females and young.


The Thick-tailed Bushbaby prefers open woodland and savannah areas in Northeastern South Africa, though riverine areas and coastal forests provide the best suitable habitat.

Thick Tail-Bushbaby
Thick Tail-Bushbaby
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