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Sharpe’s Grysbok


Sharpe’s Grysbok [Raphicerus sharpie]


The Northerns Grysbok or Sharpe’s Grysbok is a shy antelope that is slight smaller than Its Cape counterpart. It has a thick brown-beige coat with some grey stripes on its sides. It has large pointed ears that are white in colour with black hair on its head. This grysbok stands 500mm and weighs 8kg.


The Sharpe’s Grysbok is primarily a browser that feeds on leaves, shoots and bushes. It will occasionally feed on grass shoots fruit and flowers when they are available. They have also been known to feed on cultivated crops at night.



A single lamb is born after about 7 months of gestation. Very little is known about the breeding habits as the Grysbok has a very secretive nature.


The Sharpe’s Grysbok is very solitary and usually lies in the shade during the heat of the day, coming out at night to feed. These antelope are found easier during an afternoon safari.

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