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Cape Clawless Otter


Cape Clawless Otter [Aonyx Capensis]


A robust animal that is diurnal and Nocturnal. The Cape Clawless otter is very often found away from water. The Cape Clawless Otter has a brownish grey coat color that is also water resistant.


The diet of a Cape Clawless Otter mainly consists of mollusks, fish, birds, eggs, amphibians and reptiles.


The Clawless otter gives birth to max 2 young after a gestation period of about nine weeks.


The Cape Clawless Otter has 5 toes on each foot. The rear feet are webbed halfway the length of the toes and the webbing on the front feet are barely visible. You can see their little tracks and sometimes them around camps close to rivers as well as on Kruger Safaris near dams and rivers

Kruger park day safaris
Kruger park day safaris
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