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What is best DSLR camera to use while on a Kruger Park safari?

When on a Kruger Park safari, the sights you will encounter are unbelievable!

But who is going to believe you if you don’t have the photos? Well, probably everyone, because let’s face it, anyone who has visited the Kruger or watch a documentary will know that the sightseeing is once in a lifetime stuff!

But you will want to leave the park with more than mental memories. You want to leave Africa with a wide collection of photographs that you can treasure for the rest of your life. A collection of photos might even lure you back for another Kruger Park safari.

Of all of the travel guides you will likely be pouring over before you journey to Africa, and of all the checklists you are going to want to complete before you head to the Kruger, a camera is going to be mentioned a lot and included in your travel checklist.

Not all of us are camera savvy, so you would be forgiven for thinking the same thought many others have, which is “What is the best camera?

Before we jump right into which camera you should consider, let’s talk about the importance of the camera. In the Kruger National Park, even when seated high up on the back of an open-safari vehicle, animals are still often only seen in the distance. It might not be a far distance, but a distance nonetheless. It is only on rare occasions that you will have animals come up right close to the vehicle, so having a camera that is able to zoom in and get a clear shot of the animal is very important.

A quality camera is a great investment. Not only will it take stunningly clear, high-quality images of animals, but you will also have this camera for many years. This means that for many years to come, you will have a camera to document the many happy occasions that will come.

Enough with the babble, let’s talk about which camera you should consider.

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There are quite a few aspects or characteristics to keep in mind when buying a camera. There is not necessarily only a single great safari camera out there, whether it be a specific brand or a specific product within the brand that you need to consider. Instead, the best way to approach your selection is by taking these aspects into consideration.

The Cost

Let’s face it, a good quality camera is pricey. And you shouldn’t have to fork out a considerable amount of your budget to buy a camera. The key is to do some smart shopping. Unless you are a professional photographer, you should limit the amount you spend without compromising on the quality. Plan early, keep an eye out for specials and consider buying your camera online.

Frames Per Second

How quickly a camera can take a burst of photographs, is hugely important. This is because a scene can quickly change when you are in the Kruger. One moment you have a lion in front of you and within seconds they could be running off back into the bush. Having a quick camera will enable you to get that unforgettable photo. When you are comparing cameras, consider this the most important aspect.

The Lens

You know the basics of cameras and you know the power of a lens. Which means you probably know that a lens is pricey! So you can take the alternative route by buying a camera with a built-in lens. The issue with cameras is that without a decent lens, you will end up with a camera that is unable to take proper wildlife shots. When selecting a camera, you need to make sure that your lens is able to shoot from the right distances.

The Comfort Factor

Finally, and a point you might not have considered is whether or not the camera is comfortable in your hands and will it be easy to take around on your travels. Before you buy a camera, hold it and find out how heavy it is, and how comfortable it is. You will want to have a solid grip on your camera when experiencing a Kruger Park safari.

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