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Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko


Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko [Homopholis wahlbergii]


The Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko is a large species of Velvet Gecko. Both males and females reach a length of between 90 – 110 mm. Their bellies are cream in colour while their backs are light to dark grey with irregular dark and pale bars that cover a majority of the area. Their snouts are lack any black bands and are sometimes lightly spotted.


The Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko has a diet of large insects, that include grasshoppers and cockroaches, but they will also go for smaller prey like termites and millipedes.


The Wahlbergs Velvet Geckos can be found in Southern Mozambique and Zimbabwe, as well as the Northern Province and eastern Botswana. They are often found in homes, clinging on the walls and often controlling the smaller pests in the area.


The eggs of the Wahlbergs Velvet Gecko are laid in a crack inside trees or among rocks, similar in colour the eggs.

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