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Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra


Mozambique Spitting Cobra [Naja mossambica]


The Mozambique spitting cobra is a small and thin snake that reaches an average length of 1 meter. The snake can be a light brown color to a black color. They usually present black bars on their throat.


The snake preys on snakes, birds, frogs and small mammals. They sometimes eat insects when they can’t find any other prey.


The Mozambique spitting cobra can be found in most of Mozambique, Mpumalanga, Gauteng,North West, Zimbabwe, eastern and northern Botswana, Limpopo, northern Namibia and further north.


It lays a cluster of eggs that can have between 10-22 eggs, the young are measured 23-25 cm on average after birth.


This snake is equipped with a cytotoxic (this venom destroys cells and soft tissues in your body) venom that causes blisters, swelling, pain and in most cases severe tissue damage. The snake does not bite often but it does spit its venom aiming for your eyes. They can spit their venom up to 3 meters with pin point accuracy.

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