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About Stols Nek

Stols Nek Information

Some of the most prominent families of the Lowveld have had much to do with the history of the park even if it only relates to the name of an area. A quick look at the map of the Kruger will show you just how many strange and unusual names there are. From roads to picnic spots, dams and in this case a bend in the road, many a visitor has wondered just where the names come from.

The Story Behind Stols Nek

The area is named after a family who was originally situated in White River. They lived during a time when hunting was still legal in most parts of the country. Along with being successful hunters, the family also made wagons. They did all of this during the two decades before the second Boer War broke out. One of the family members, and the person after whom this part of the park has been named was Gert Frederik Coenraad Stols.

Just like his family he had a passion for hunting but he was also a blacksmith.

During a hunt in August 1886, he decided to hunt close to the Bukweneni River, he contracted malaria and died where he was hunting. The area later got the name Stols Nek after him and park visitors can drive through the area while in the park.

In recent times, the area has experience problems with rhino poaching, with rhinos being killed in both 2014 and in 2018.

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