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Best rest camps for Tourists

Popular Rest Camps

The Kruger National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa, visited by tourists from all over the world. The Kruger National Park is a world famous conservancy that is home to over 750 different animal species and over 1700 different plant species, comfortably accommodated across the massive 19,000km2 stretch of land. With so many animals to encounter and such an amazing variety in plant life, it is impossible to explore everywhere and experience everything in one day. Luckily the Kruger National Park has a large variety of rest camps and overnight stays to suit everyone.

To start off with the best one first, Skukuza is the main camp of the Kruger National Park and acts as the headquarters for many or all of the functions and meetings in the Park. It is the largest rest camp in the Kruger National Park and is the most up to date and very modernized. Named after the 1st warden of the Kruger National Park, James Stevenson Hamilton who received the name Skukuza from his co-workers. The Rest camp comes fully equipped with amazing accommodation options from camp spots to luxury lodges, library, cinema, restaurants and a museum among many more conveniences.

Olifants is a wonderful little Rest camp that overlooks the Olifants River. This camp offers a small shop and a restaurant as well as places where they can buy some essentials. Olifants is very popular and is known for its great animal sightings as many animals flock to the river to cool off during the day. The Close proximity to the river allows visitors to get a closer look to some of the larger animals while still staying at a safe distance. The fact that the rest camp is built on a hill provides amazing views of the surrounding area and is perfect for animal and bird sightings.

Letaba is one of the most beautiful rest camps in the Kruger National Park. The camp is located on the banks of the Letaba River and provides spectacular sights of the winding river. Letaba is well known for the Elephant museum, which holds records of the largest tuskers that had ever lived. The group of tuskers was called the Magnificent 7 and was often found wandering the plains of the Kruger. This rest camp is a bit smaller than some of the more popular rest camps but makes up for it in true beauty and comfortable living.

These are some of the more popular rest camps that visitors and tourists can visit when travelling the beauty and wild feeling of the Kruger National Park. With Kurt Safari Co. many of the tours will take visitors to theseĀ  popular and amazing rest camps and provide guests with an opportunity to take in the culture, history and sights of what the Park has to offer.

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