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5 Ways to Relax on your Kruger Park Safari Holiday

Top 5 ways to relax on your safari holiday

It is not unusual that the holiday season often brings stress of its own and this makes relaxation feel impossible. That, topped with the energy of the year still pushing you forward and making you tired, can destroy your holiday if you don’t learn how to make the most of your down time.

One of the most amazing places you can spend your December holiday is deep in the wilderness of the Kruger National Park. During the early days of the lockdown, the Park was quieter than it has ever been, with only rangers and Park staff keeping the reserve going. As the lockdown began to lift and locals returned, the Park’s serene quietness and raw natural appeal was renewed and Park guests gained a whole new appreciation for this idyllic landmark.

The Kruger National Park is a place of peace and when you are looking to break away from the world, even if it is just for a weekend, it is the perfect destination and this is how you can make the most of your holiday.

  1. Don’t rush

We rush every day of our lives. We run to drop children off at school, we run to work, we rush around in our limited lunch time, and then we rush home, only to eat, sleep and repeat the pattern the next day.

The Kruger Park will force you to slow down. Not only is the speed limit set to between 40 and 50km/h but the whole vibe of the Park encourages you to slow your pace and just enjoy every moment.

  1. Indulge in laziness

The time you take off shouldn’t be jam packed with things to keep you busy. You should give yourself permission to relax and indulge in being a little lazy. After this intense year, you definitely deserve a few lazy days full of nothing but downtime.

  1. Turn off technology

One of the most fantastic things about the Kruger National Park is that there are many spots where there is no cell reception and no internet connection. While it might seem scary at first, since we are all so used to being constantly connected, you’ll find that not being available at all times can make you feel less stress and more connected to those around you. This is an especially important consideration if you are holidaying with your family.

  1. Don’t plan any activities on your first day of leave

The first day of your holiday should be spent being lazy and recharging and the best way to do this would be to plan nothing. The first day of your leave could be the day before you hit the road, and if this is the case it is especially important that you relax a bit before you hit the road, so you can be fresh and alert while driving.

  1. Early nights and afternoon siestas

The holidays are all about relaxing and you’d be amazed at how refreshed you feel when you treat yourself to a few early nights and a couple of afternoon naps. You’re on holiday, you deserve this!

If you’ve not yet planned anything for the holiday and you are looking for something to do, you could always support the local tourism industry by booking a Kruger Park safari.

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