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The Best Places to have a Picnic in the Kruger National Park

With the days having cooled off, and the summer heat still a few months away, now is a time that is considered by many to be just perfect for a picnic in the world’s most famous national park.

Home to an abundance of wildlife, an array of incredible plant life, and landscapes that you will fall in love with, when you travel to the Kruger National Park, you will certainly feel like you have stepped away from the world for a while. Most guests, whether travelling on their own or as a part of a safari group, will aim to spend as much time looking for wildlife as possible, with the only stops they take being to grab a snack.

The Kruger’s many rest camps have plenty of good shops and cafes, but if you really want to enjoy a different experience and have full control over what you eat, packing a picnic basket and stopping at one of the parks more famous picnic spots is one way to have an absolutely unforgettable trip.

Many of the Kruger’s best picnic spots are in places that also offer a real safari feel. Some spots are not even fenced off, and as such, your meal can include a visit from a cheeky monkey or a sneaky hornbill, looking to steal a bit of your food. It is all a part of the rustic Kruger experience, and if you are planning a picnic, here are some of the many places you can stop at.

  1. Mlondozi Picnic Site

About 15 km away from Lower Sabie, the Mlondozi Picnic Site is a stunning spot, set up on a small hill. It provides a view of the Mlondozi River and the dam, meaning you can often see all sorts of animals stopping by for a drink, while you have your meal. Large groups of elephant and buffalo are common sightings here.

  1. Albasini Ruins Picnic Spot

At this picnic spot, you not only get to take a step back in time and see how life once was in the area, but you also get a pretty good chance to see all kinds of animals. This spot is about 100 meters from Phabeni Gate and it is a perfect place to stretch your legs if you have just travelled from Gauteng and entered the park through Phabeni.

  1. Nkuhlu Picnic Site

This one is about 23km from Skukuza, making it a great pit stop if you want to avoid the bigger camps. There is a small shop here where you can buy some snacks and drinks, and if you want to cook something you can hire a skottle gas braai.

  1. Tshokwane Picnic Spot

Although it is not in the Southern part of the Kruger, it is still a great place to stop if you are in the area. This spot is actually quite a popular one, with it seeing many feet during the busy holiday season. The area is home to plenty of animals and birds, and the site has braai facilities as well as skottle gas braais for hire. There is also a small shop selling all sorts of tasty things, if you don’t want to cook your own food.

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