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The 2022 South African Bucket List Challenge

Travel is back on and whether you come to South Africa to explore the coastline and visit old cities, or if your aim is to see more of the wildlife, if you are one of the lucky people heading to our country for a special holiday experience, you should take some inspiration from our bucket list challenge!

Despite all that has happened, South Africa remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The country is affordable enough for most to spend a couple of weeks really getting to know each and every corner of this uniquely diverse and fascinating place. With a long enough trip, these are some of the places you should go to and things you should see.

Giraffe Sighting in the Kruger National Park
  1. The Big 5

South Africa is famous for many things, but one of the things it is most famous for is its wildlife population, which we are quite obsessed about which is why we take such good care of it. South Africa is not the only place where you can see the Big 5 in Africa, but it is the only place you have the best chance of seeing it all in a day. The ideal place to look for the Big 5 is the Kruger National Park, and the best way to see these animals is during a Kruger Park safari.

  1. 4 x4 Adventure in the Drakensburg

One of the most exquisite mountain ranges in South Africa has got to be the Drakensburg. And one of the best ways to visit the Drakensburg and see the attractions, is to go on a 4 x 4 trip through the mountains. The one 4 x 4 route that is the most memorable and the most exhilarating is the Sani Pass and if you are not keen on driving yourself, you could find a tour.

  1. Immerse yourself in South African culture

We are a unique nation because we are home to dozens of different indigenous cultures and a couple of imported ones too.  The easiest way to explore the cultures is to start with the foods of the country, but if you want a more interactive experience, you should visit a couple of the local villages, where tours are often arranged and guests treated to an insider experience.

  1. Visit Table Mountain

A place where South Africa’s modern history began, Cape Town is a treasure trove of interesting things to see. But the one place that you should really make a point of visiting is Table Mountain. There are all sorts of trips that will take you up there, and you can even arrange a trip on your own. When you get to the top, the view is unbelievable and it is a great place to take photos.

  1. Do the Panorama Route

If you are in the region of the Kruger National Park, doing the Panorama Route is a must. This misty route will take you through some of Mpumalanga’s best attractions which include the Blyde River Canyon, small tourist towns, and more waterfalls in one area than you are likely to have ever seen in your life.


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