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Kruger National Park Safaris : Day Tours

Kruger National Park Day Tours: Shared Kruger Park Day Safaris

The world has become such a chaotic and busy place that it seems that you cannot just take a few days just to sit back or get away. Luckily Kurt Safari Co. has you covered with the Kruger National Park Day Tours.

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Kruger park day safaris

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Kruger National Park Day Tours: Full Day Birding and Photographic Safaris

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More about the Kruger National Park and Day Tours

The world has become such a chaotic and busy place that it seems that you cannot just take a few days just to sit back or get away. Luckily Kurt Safari Co. has you covered with the Kruger Park Days Tours. With three different tours that you can choose from to make the most of the one off day you have. Join Kurt Safari Co. and our team of trained and qualified guides on a tour through the Kruger National Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions, not only in the lowveld, but in South Africa.

Most international travelers visiting the Kruger National Park do only 1 day safari or Day Tours, there are many lodges and hotels on the boundary of the Kruger National Park, mainly around Phalaborwa, Orpen, Paul Kruger, Phabeni, Numbi, Malelane and Crocodile Bridge gates of the Kruger Park.

Joining a shared safari or booking a private vehicle safari in the Kruger Park with Kurt Safari is possible; we offer small group safaris with a min. of 2 clients, and these run daily from Hazyview. We cover the southern section of Kruger, using Numbi and Phabeni gates. These safaris last around 8-9 hours, starting at around 5 – 5.30 am the early hours on safari are the best time of the day in which to find predators. Our guide will stop for a breakfast break at about 9am at one of the rest camps. There after you continue along with the safari, the route travelled will be determined by what season you are travelling in; in the dry seasons guides will concentrate around rivers, dams and water points, in the wet season when water and food is abundant one needs to travel further covering more distance and in this way hoping to find the wildlife one is looking for. In the wet season one might see less game, however there are a lot more migrant birds coming in from Europe and Northern Africa. Animals give birth in the wet season, so this is also exciting to see the small new born impala, warthogs and general game. Photos are better due to the abundant colors and not seen in the dry and grey winter months.

The Kruger National Park safaris are always exciting, so if you have a chance try to book more than one day on safari, as this increases the chance of seeing more wildlife and the different regions and beauty the Kruger Park has to offer. On a Day safari, if you a photographer or Birder or parents with Kids, then the private option is definitely the best safari to book, you have your own safari vehicle with a private guide and you can focus and concentrate on the wildlife and area you prefer. We look forward to having you join one of our many Kruger Park Day safaris and Tours.

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A toggle box content areaThe Kruger National Park is the Crown Jewel of South Africa’s Tourism. Founded all the way back in 1898, The Kruger Park was the product of a 12-year quest to conserve the wildlife of the Lowveld and was led by the then President of South Africa Paul Kruger. The park was later named after the President. The Park has a massive 2 Million Hectares of land that is home to an astounding amount of animal and plant species and that stretches about 352 kilometers. All this expansive land makes for an amazing safari experience as there is so much land to explore with different environments containing different animal, bird and plant species that cannot be found elsewhere in the Park.
The Kruger National Park is amazing and is filled with beautiful and amazing sights from rare animals found nowhere else and rare events like a lion hunt to breath taking views of stunning sunsets and beautiful landscapes. The Kruger National Park is such a large place and filled with so many things that it is impossible to experience everything in a single day. Fortunately, the experience of the Kurt Safari Co. crew makes it possible to have the best and most memorable experience possible in a short amount of time.
With the Kruger National Park being so large, it spans over multiple different regions of the lowveld, allowing for different environments and climates as well as animals and plants that allow you to experience a different Kruger Park Feel. The Kruger Park is not just home of amazing animals but home of a large variety of plantlife and bird life. The Park is home of iconic trees like the Marula Tree, Baobab and Mopani Trees and birds like the Ground Hornbill, Bateleur Eagle, African Fish Eagle, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Kori Bustard and many many more.

Our Day Safaris can accommodate people that are restricted with time availability.

Full Day Safari
To experience the most out of the Kruger National Park and what it has to offer in a single day, the Kruger Full Day Safari is the best and only option. The visitors are picked up Hazyview Lodges and Hotels and/or the Perry’s Bridge Trading Post and Tourism Centre if you stay outside of town. The tours are done in our custom built, open roof safari vehicle to provide great comfort as well as good accessibility to spot the large number of animals the Park is famous for. You can have a very lucky and rare chance to spot the iconic Big 5, The Mighty Lion, Cunning Leopard, The Powerful Buffalo, The Majestic Rhino and the Mighty Elephant. The Big 5 used to be a Collection Hunters would go after before the Kruger National Park became a conservation Park.
Throughout the tour you will visit various rest stops for breakfast and lunches, luckily most of the accommodation options provide breakfast and lunch as well as a menu to order from. There are curio shops available that allow you to shop for the necessary items and stock up on supplies for the fun and exciting day ahead. Your tour guide will choose the best routes and areas which are all dependent on the time of year. Our Tour Guides all have years of experience and are all very qualified. With all of their knowledge, they are all more than welcome to share their wisdom and knowledge to help teach visitors and enlighten them and also give them the best safari experience possible. It is always fun to learn something new on a safari.
Some things that are necessary to bring on the Full Day Safari to make things as convenient, namely: Sun Scream, Comfortable Shoes, Warm Clothes during the winter times, a Rain Jacket for summer months and Sunglasses. Flashlights may be a good and viable option as depending on the time of the year, the morning and afternoons may be darker than what you would prefer to spot animals. Mineral Waters are included on all Kruger Park Safaris. The Guides only have 10 hours on a tour, which includes the breakfasts and breaks. Though there are only 10 hours in a tour, there is still ample time to explore the vastness of the Park. After the tour is finished, you will be dropped off at your guest lodge. Arrival and drop off times may vary depending the time of year as mornings and afternoons may be darker.

Morning Shared Safaris
Before the sun even touches the African Bushveld, we will collect you from your lodges in Skukuza, Pretoriuskup Hazyview and the Rendezvous Center. Before the Sun colours the Lowveld with its warm glow, you have the best time to witness the animals of the Kruger National Park wake up and see the park slowly gain life. The early morning is the best time to witness animals like the Lion, Leopard, Wild Dog and Cheetah as they start hunting in the morning when it is still cool and dark. Traveling through the Kruger Park early in the morning also allows you to experience more of the Park while also staying cooler for longer. You can also see some of the nocturnal animals that keep themselves busy during the night, hunting and exploring the wilds of the Kruger National Park. Some of these nocturnal animals may Include Owls, Aardvarks, Hyenas, Wild Dogs, Bats and Leopards.
After a nice breakfast or snack, it is time to travel to the watering holes to see all the different animals drink up and quench their thirst for the long hot day that awaits. Our guides are all well qualified and have plenty of years of experience in the Kruger Park. They want you to have the best possible experience and love nothing more than to enlighten and educate you on the Kruger Park and its fauna/flora. There will be plenty of picnic stops at rest camps throughout the tour for restroom breaks, breakfast and lunch. There are some items that are necessary when going on a morning day tour that includes: a hat, Comfortable shoes, warm clothes for the winter and a rain jacket for the summer, rainy days, sun scream, sunglasses and binoculars. Mineral Waters are included on all Kruger Safaris. Pickup and drop times may vary for Morning Shared Safaris as the sun may only rise later in the morning.

Afternoon Shared Safaris
With Afternoon safaris, the Kruger National Park has been buzzing and busy for throughout the day already. Your guides will have a great idea of where to look for animals and where to go as they can listen to what other visitors and guides have spotted and in which area. One of the hotspots that will almost always be visited during an Afternoon Safari are watering holes as the mid-day heat draws animals to the waters to quench their thirst. As the day draws on more animals will come out to either hunt or travel around looking for a cool place to spend. You will get to see a large variety of wildlife, plant life and bird life during this safari, with your guides fully educated and qualified, they will be able to inform and educate you on the various goings on. Your guides will take you to various areas of the park in various different environments from very wooded areas to dry sandy areas. Each of the different environments has different animals that are rarely found elsewhere in the park.
Afternoon Shared safaris allow you to see some of the nocturnal animals that start to come out during the afternoon to hunt and feed. The sunset and the environment are also a very welcome inclusion to the tour in the afternoon. It is necessary to bring a hat for the heat and sun during midday, warm clothes for the winter and a rain jacket for the rainy summer days, comfy shoes and binoculars. It may be a good idea to bring a flashlight with on an Afternoon Tour so you can see a bit easier when things start to darken. After the long and exciting afternoon exploring the Kruger National Park and experiencing the wonderful animals and birds the Park has to offer along with the beautiful afternoon landscapes, your guides will drop you off at your respected accommodations to rest. Pickup and drop off times may vary depending on the time of year as the days may get darker sooner during the winter days.

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