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Pan Hinged Terrapin


Pan Hinged Terrapin [Pelusios subniger]


The Pan Hinged Terrapin is a small terrapin that has a smooth rounded shell as well as a plastral hinge. It has a large head with a smooth and a blunt beak. It usually has two tentacles underneath its chin. Its skin is a dull grey brown colour while the shell is slightly darker in colour.


The Pan Hinged Terrapin has a limited diet that consists of reptiles and small amphibians like frogs, invertebrates, and some small birds.


These little Terrapins can be found in the regions of Madagascar and Eastern Africa, stretching to Zimbabwe and North Zimbabwe. A very isolated group of this species can be located in the Seychelles and Mauritius


The Females will nest throughout the summer months and will lay up to 8 eggs in a nest between February – March while the Incubation period of the eggs are between 104 – 107 days. Hatchlings measure up about 30mm in length.

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