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Giant Plated Lizard


Giant Plated Lizard [Gerrhosaurus validus]


The Giant Plated Lizard is a large lizard  that has a rather flat head and body. It has a layer of dense and hard scales with adults having black and brown altering colours all along its back while their legs are mainly black in colour. Their throat is a dirty white colour while their belly is a light brown colour. The Juvenile Giant Plated Lizard have a mainly black colour with yellow spots distinctly shown on their backs and on their flanks. 


The Giant Plated Lizard has a diet that consists mainly of plant matter like fruits, grass, leaves, and flowers. They also have been seen feeding on lizards and baby tortoises as well.


The Giant Plated Lizard can be found in and near the northern regions of South Africa.


A single female will lay from 2 – 5 oval shaped eggs rock crevices that they fill up with soil. They lay their eggs during the summer months.

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