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Boomslang [Dispholid typus]


The Boomslang is a long snake with a unique head with large eyes and circular pupils. The boomslang’s colour differs depending on the area of birth for example it can be leaf-green with a light green-yellow belly, rust-red with an orange-pink belly.


The Boomslang feeds on birds and chameleons in trees but it can also feed on small animals like mice.       


Boomslang can be found in the sub-Saharan Africa, occurring in the northern parts of the country and spreading to Cape Town along the eastern and southern coasts.


The Boomslang mates in spring and clutches are usually 10-14 eggs. Eggs are laid in tree hollows and leaf litter. Eggs take between 60 and 90 days to hatch.


This snake is equipped with a hemotoxic venom (This venom prevents blood clotting), people die because of haemorrhage. Bites are not common but it does occur when these snakes are being handled.

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