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Black Lined Plated Lizard

Black Lined Plated Lizard


Black Lined Plated Lizard [Gerrhosaurus intermedius]


The Black-lined Plated Lizard has a thick plated body with a stable head. With well-defined, black-edged, yellow dorsal-lateral stripes, the back is reddish-brown and sometimes with yellow streaks down the body. The stomach is cream-white and yellow.


The Black-lined Plated Lizard feasts mostly on snails, grasshoppers and beetles.              


The Black-lined Plated Lizard can be found in South Africa’s Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, across Zimbabwe and neighbouring regions to Northern Namibia, they can also be found in Gabon and the lower Congo.


Eggs are layed in batches from 4-9, in an uninhabited rodent burrow, which can be reused later. It takes 70 – 80 days to incubate; hatchlings are measured from 160 – 180 mm.

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