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White Fronted Plover


White Fronted Plover


The White Fronted Plover is primarily white in colour with black legs. Its wings are light brown that gradients to dark brown. It has a dark patch on its head that looks like a cap. The cap is interrupted by a stretch of white from the feathers in the neck. It has a pitch-black beak and black eyes.


The White Fronted Plover has a diet that consists of insects like mosquitos, grasshoppers, crabs, worms, crustaceans, shrimp and termites.


The Plover has nests that can be found year round with breeding reaching a peak during Christmas time. From November to march the birds lay their eggs on small scrape in the ground. The eggs will hatch after about month.


The White Fronted plover is a very territorial bird and is very defensive of its territory. The bird will puff up its plumage to chase away the intruder while making buzzing calls.


The White Fronted Plover can be found in areas like afrotropical beaches. They live in small isolated population  in Senegal. They prefer tropical rivers and sandy shorelines and can rarely be seen inland.

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