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Easter Weekend Ideas in the Kruger National Park

The one holiday weekend we have all been waiting for is just about the corner, and you wouldn’t be the only one thinking about spending your time in the beautiful Kruger National Park. In the month of April, the park is starting to cool off, with the weather no longer being as extreme as it tends to be during the summer months. And since this Easter holiday is not falling in the middle of the school holiday, the park is not necessarily going to be as jam packed as it usually is.

If a Kruger Park safari and general park adventure is something that you are looking forward to this April, Kurt Safari has a couple of great, budget friendly options for you to choose from. In the company of an experienced game guide, you can explore the wonders of this amazing place, all while keeping a look out for the wildlife that roams here and the stunning plants that thrive in that African climate.

What to do while in the Kruger?

Heading to the Kruger Park over the long weekend will give you at least 2 full days during which you can kick back and relax. Along with spending the mornings and the evenings out on a game drive, there are other things you can do while staying here.

  1. Explore your camp

Each and every Kruger camp is unique and fascinating in its own way. The camps have a lot of history as well as a couple of hidden gems and usually you can find something amazing while exploring the place you are staying in. You should definitely hit any of the museums that are around and learn more about how the park and the camp came about. Having this bit of background knowledge might just make you more appreciative of the experience of staying here for the long weekend.

  1. Go to a lookout point

The Kruger has many lookout points off of some of its lesser travelled routes and although you take a bit of a risk getting out of your vehicle to get to the lookout point and actually spend some time there,  it is an incredibly unique experience that often results in an unforgettable sighting. The best lookout points are those on top of hills or which look out over a dam or river.

  1. Have a picnic

In some parts of the Kruger National Park, you can stop and have a picnic on the lawns or at a picnic table. These spots also have places where you can braai some meat and just kick back and relax. These picnic spots are a great place to do some wildlife spotting too, as many birds and animals can be seen in or close to picnic areas.

If you want to make the most of your Easter weekend away, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Kruger as your destination. With around 4 days here, you will feel like a whole new person when you head back home.

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