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The Endangered Rhino: All about this unique animal

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A few facts about this remarkable animal

The rhino is the second largest land mammal, and it is the white rhino that is a member of the Big 5. Although most of us would say that seeing either the black or white rhino counts as a tick on the Big 5 bucket list. The difference between the black and the white rhino has nothing to do with the colour of the animal.

  • The white rhino gets its name from the Dutch word for wide; “wyd”. This refers to the mouth of the animal. The “wyd” rhino has a wider mouth than the black rhino. The word “wyd” was misinterpreted as meaning white and that is how the animal got its name.
  • The rhino can weigh up to 2 500kg and despite its size and weight, it can really move it when it needs to. These animals can live for up to 40 years and their diets consist primarily of thick grass, mud to supplement their diets, and plenty of water!
  • Then there is the horn. Horns can grow up to almost 2 meters, and they are used as a means to defend the animal during fights. An interesting fact about the horn is that it is not attached to the skull and it will grow back should it be broken off during a fight.

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