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Spotted Thick-Toed Gecko / Spotted Gecko [Pachydactylus maculates]


The Spotted Gecko has a small fat body that has a rounded snout. Their backs are a grey brown colour with 4 elongated Rows of blackish spots that are not white edged. Many of the spots will fused to form irregular bands. Their bellies are an off white colour. The female is 10 mm longer than the male and is slightly larger as well. Like many geckos, the Spotted gecko has large eyes that provide a good field of view.


The Spotted Gecko has a diet that consists of mainly spiders and small insects like grasshoppers, termites and crickets among others.


The Spotted Gecko can be found in the Cape Escarpment from Sutherland to Knysna, Kwazulu-Natal, East Mpumalanga.


Females lay 2 – 3 clutches, with 2 eggs in each. The eggs incubate for up to 120 days after which the younglings hatch.

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