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Cape Wolf Snake


Cape Wolf Snake [Lycophidion capense]


The Cape Wolf Snake is a generally small snake that often grows much larger in the southern regions where it can be found. It has a red-brown body colour, with its scales tipped with a white colour. The belly of the snake is covered in black speckles throughout its length. The Snake has a very glossy appearance compared to many other snakes.


The Wolf Snake is a small sized snake and therefor its diet is limited to Skinks and lizards. The Wolf Snake will bite and constrict its prey and then consume as they do not have any toxin glands to kill their prey.


The Cape Wolf Snake is very widely dispersed and can be found throughout most of South Africa, with the exception of most of the Cape and the Namib Desert. There are very isolated reports of these snakes found in these regions and as far north as Egypt and the Eastern Region of Africa.


The Cape Wolf Snake female will lay between 3 – 9 eggs early in the summer months, where they will hatch after an incubation period of 51 days. The hatchlings at birth are 120mm in length.

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