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Green Pigeon [Treron calva]


The Green Pigeon is a strange sight when you encounter them. They are a rather common species of pigeon that have a mainly grey green / yellow green body colour. Their wings have darker green wing colours that have a tinge of mauve. They have a pink and white beak and ice white eyes. They have red feet and yellow patches on the thighs.


The Green Pigeon breeds between the months of May and February. They build a frail platform like nest with twigs and leaves in the fork of a tree. The female lays 1 – 2 eggs in the nest and the chicks hatch within 13 days. The female incubates the eggs and looks after the nest while the male forages for food and sticks for the nest. The Female will choose the nest location and the male will provide the materials for building.


These birds are gregarious in small groups. They can be found foraging in the tree tops, using their wings to keep balance on the branches. Their green colour allows them to blend in wonderfully into the trees. They have a very direct and fast way of flying.


The Green Pigeon prefers woodland areas where they can stay within the safety of the trees. They can be found in Mpumalanga and the eastern coast of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Northern Province and Mozambique.

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