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Eagle Owl


The Eagle Owl is the largest owl in the world and is recognized worldwide by its large size and wingspan. The Eagle Owl has a grey colour with faint black spots all over but no blotching. It has a pale face that is outlined by a bold black outline. It has distinctive pink eyelids and eyes that look black at a distance. The Eagle Owl has a distinctive sand brown undercoat with some streaks of grey. It has prominent eyes that are bright orange and black.


The Eagle Owl largely hunts guinea fowl  and small mammals like rodents and hares. These birds have a history of having a very varied diet. The have been known to hunt prey as large as Vervet Monkeys and Secretary Birds but will mainly feed on Hedgehogs when available.


Eagle Owls generally breed between the months of March and September. The female will lay two eggs  that incubate for a total of 39 days.


The Eagle Owl is a solitary bird that is rarely found in pairs. These bird can often be found in trees that are close to drainage lines and water courses. They often can be seen hunting at day and roosts in big trees with plenty of shade.


These owls can be found in woodland and savannah areas and in treelined watercourses.

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