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Black Stork [Ciconia Nigra]


The black stork is a rather unique looking stork, standing at 1.05m tall. It has bright red legs and bills with black plumage that have a green-purple iridescent colouration that changes in the light. The underside of the bird has bright white feathers.


The baby of a Black Stork is covered In white plumage and has yellow legs and bill. All of these hatchlings are the same height and will only differ in height when they are malnourished and sickly. The young of the Black stork are very weak and cannot sit normally. These little fluff balls are very aggressive towards anything that comes near. Their feathers grow in after 45-60 days to represent their more adult feathers.
The birds have an interesting diet as they often consume small fish, frogs, lizards, voles, mice and liste birds among others. The young feed on large insects, mollusks, moss and water plants.

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