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Slender Mongoose


Slender Mongoose [Galerella sanguinea]


The Slender Mongoose has a brushy copper brown coat colour. It has a long slender body with a busy tail. It has a mall pointed head with round dish like ears. Males weigh 715gr and the smaller males are 575gr.


The Slender mongoose feeds primarily on small rodents, retiles and birds. They also prey on invertebrates from time to time.


The Slender Mongooses can breed throughout the year although births are more frequent during the rainy months. It has a gestation period of 8 weeks and gives birth to 2 litters a year, each containing 2-3 young.



These animals are rather solitary in nature but many males will come together to defend a territory. They prefer living in wooded areas. Slender Mongoose are rather common animals that you can find near water sources during Kruger Park Safari.


Slender Mongoose prefer wooded environments where they can build their dens. Rock crevices, hollow trees and termite mounds are perfect for their dens. They are also known to frequent koppies.

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