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A Safety Guide To Safari Tours- Helpful Tips

Helpful Safari Tips

A safari is an overland trip by tourists. In the past days, the journey was nothing but a significant game-hunt, but today it’s so much more than that. Today, tourists observe and capture wildlife very carefully. It has become famous for exploration and hiking. Whenever we come across the phrase “safari tour”, we spontaneously start to think bout the dangers encountered by the people there. Well, that’s not the case. The mortality rate is as low as 0.6, which is almost equal to none.

Before narrating any safety tips, it is to be made clear that it comes down to one’s preference whether to experience actual wildlife or pet common animals at your place. This blog is only for those who want to see nature closely while for others, there are so many other places where you can get pets according to your liking. Pet zone Dubai is one of the most famous places in this regard.

There are two categories of people. In the first category, the safari tours are made under the guidance of authorized guides. In such a case, you are in no position to overrule the guidelines provided by the guides, but you would still be able to enjoy the great and enjoyable safari experiences. The people who prefer to travel in their cars fall under the second category, so this is where it gets risky.

 Following are the tips that need to be taken under consideration:

  • Stay in your car: Do not even try to get out of your car for a second. If you are capturing pictures, and your camera falls out of the car, please don’t pick it up. Contact the staff afterwards; they will help you in every possible way. It is advised not to capture photos with your mobile. Lions are always in a hunting mood, so when you are in your jeep, they may not smell your body, but once you get out of it, things may become risky.
  • Turn off the sound of your camera as well as the flash. These both factors may aggravate the animals there, and you may not want to risk your life. But do keep flashlights with you in case you’ve decided to spend a night there, it would help you to see in the dark.
  • Avoid wearing bright colours because they can become the centre of attraction for animals. Try to blend into the landscape by wearing colours like green and brown. Prefer comfort over any other thing and keep clothes which are light and comfortable. Wear long pants and boots, full sleeves etc.
  • People get excited when they see animals roaming in their natural habitat like this. Try not to disturb them, whenever you see them, stay calm and don’t even wave at them. Moreover, don’t even try to get close to them and feed them. They are very unpredictable and can harm you when they feel threatened by you.
  • It can get scorching during the tours. So, keep yourself hydrated and prefer those eatable which have higher water content. Also, carry your hats with you.
  • Before starting this journey, make sure to prepare yourself for the worst and get all the information regarding the emergency protocol. Always stay on the paths which you had already decided so the rescue teams can easily spot you.
  • If you are thinking to opt for a walking safari, make sure that you walk slowly and never turn your back on any animal. Doing so would aggravate animals. Secondly, try to stand somewhere on the side, never block their route and maintain the maximum distance.
  • Don’t walk around during the night time. Don’t keep any eatables in your tent because you would be risking everything in this case. Try not to carry children with you because, in some areas, there are age restrictions. Plus, you may not want to get your children harmed just because you wanted to experience wildlife.
  • Be flexible. A safari tour is a lifetime experience, so people have their hopes very high. They want to see everything during the journey. That’s not the case you have to be practical. Sometimes you would see more than you had planned, but sometimes you may see nothing at all. So, don’t get your hopes very high and enjoy the journey.

A safari tour allows you to get in contact with nature, far from the burdens of daily life. It’s a great way to charge yourself before doing something great in your life.

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