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Birding for Beginners

The Kruger National Park is probably best known for its staggeringly beautiful array of wildlife. The diversity, when it comes to animals, is nearly endless, but there is another reason why people flock to the park each year, and that reason is the birdlife.

From incredible raptor birds that look absolutely majestic to colourful little birds full of song, when you go to the Kruger for a safari, you can see all sorts of interesting birds. But if you are travelling to the park in the hopes of seeing some fascinating bird life, you will need to know more about how to do what is called birding.

Birding is a term used for those who are interested in doing some bird watching. While some come to the Kruger just to see the wildlife, others are far more interested in seeing the birds. It is something of a preference, and while you can absolutely do both while on your Kruger Park safari, if you are more interested in keeping an eye out for interesting birds, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

A Lesson in Patience

Bird watching is something that is going to require a lot of patience. Often, those partaking in this hobby or safari, will spend many hours in one place, waiting for that perfect moment when an interesting bird appears.

Aside from having to have a lot of patience, you will also need to keep these tips in mind:

  1. Get a pair of binoculars

Bird sightings are often at a distance and so you will need a good pair of binoculars in order to fully appreciate the bird and actually make out what it is. This is especially important when you are visiting the Kruger, where there are large distances between you and the bird.

  1. Get a bird book

The Kruger is home to hundreds of different bird species. Part of the fun of doing a little birding is to identify which type of birds you are looking at. Some birds can look really similar to others, and telling them apart can only be done with the help of a guide book. You could use the web, but there are large areas of the park where there is no signal, so go for the tried and tested old method of referring to a book.

  1. Get to know the birds

Each area of the Kruger is home to certain types of animals, birds and plant life. When you know you will be in a specific area of the park looking for birds, it helps to more or less know what to expect to see. This will help you with your planning and it will also make identifying the birds a little bit easier. You should also think about not concentrating your entire safari to one area or to a single bird hide. If you want to have a full experience, plan your trip so that you can enjoy the park as much as possible while seeing as many birds as possible.


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