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The Best Kruger Park Camps in 2021 (Revised)

The Kruger National Park is one of those places that has a way of sneaking into your heart. And the entire experience is so often hinged on the camps that you choose to stay in. Some camps are better than others in terms of the things you can do while you are there and the kind of accommodation you can expect to experience.

When selecting a camp, you will want to take a few things into consideration. For starters, location is going to be a big deal. Staying in the far north parts of the Kruger is not ideal for those who are only travelling to the park for a day or two, as you will be spending most your time focused on driving to the camp, which if you are travelling from the south of the Kruger, can be a full days drive with no stopping, considering the speed limit in the park.

The next thing to consider is the kind of vibe you are going for as well as whether you are looking for a camping trip or a stay in a hut or bungalow. Some camps, like Skukuza which we featured in our last Best Camp blog, is very busy and almost always full of people. For some travellers the social aspect of the trip is very important while for others, it is more important for them to have a peaceful, quiet trip.

3 Day Central Kruger National Park Fly in Safari Satara Accommodation

Here is our list of the best camps to stay in when visiting the Kruger

  1. Marola Camp

Accommodation: Camping

Location: Central

Marola camp is situated close to Orpen gate. While Orpen Rest Camp is made for those who are looking for a bungalow or hut for their stay, those who are happy to camp will find peace and solitude when they choose Marola. At this camp, guests stay close to nature, with just a wire fence separating guests from the wildlife. It is not uncommon to see all sorts of wildlife close to fence, especially when the smell of braai’d meat wafts from the camp.

  1. Punda Maria

Accommodation: Camping and huts

Location: Northern

The beautiful camp of Punda Maria is a popular place to stay for those who are entering the park from the north. Those travelling from the south will find that this camp is more suitable for those who are spending a few days in the park. Punda Maria has a variety of great accommodation options and it has become well-known for its laid back vibe. Just a warning, it gets hot up here!

  1. Shingwedzi Rest Camp

Accommodation: Camping, Huts, Bungalows, Cottages

Location: North Central

While the gate nearest to this camp is Punda Maria, if you have the time, there are other ways to get to the camp when you are travelling through the park. Shingwedzi is known for being a relaxed camp and it is never really all that full of guests because it is considered a bit of a remote location. If you choose Shingwedzi, you won’t be disappointed.

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