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Namibian Adventure

Namibia is a stunning place to visit where the great and untamed desert meets the beautiful and vibrant coastal landscape and plains. Namibia is culturally unique and the history of the country can clearly be found all throughout. With such a large and vast place to visit, it may be difficult to plan out an adventure through this stunning landscape, luckily Kurt Safari Co. can give some popular and amazing hotspots to visit to help make the planning a bit easier.

Victoria Falls

This may seem a bit like cheating, as the Victoria Falls aren’t found within Namibia and instead, is located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Luckily, Vic Falls is located just a short distance from Namibia and can be a well worth visit. Victoria Falls is a massive waterfall with a cliff that drops 100m and is about a 1.5km wide. The sheer force of the rushing water and the scale is bound to leave anyone visiting for the 1st time speechless and in awe.

Skeleton Coast

The skeleton Coast is located between two of Namibia’s most popular locations. To start the tour of the amazing Skeleton Coast, you must start at Swakopmund. The Skeleton coast is a stretch of fog covered desert that is devoid of life. There are some interesting things to witness when travelling the coastline.


Sossusvlei is the endless and iconic ocean of rust red dunes. This endless stretch of desert is a truly beautiful sight to behold. No visit to Namibia will be complete without visiting this world famous area. There are plenty of amazing ways to explore these sandy behemoths, from safari vehicles, hiking tours and even the breathtaking and memorable hot air balloon tours where you get to enjoy the stunning views of the desert from these towering dunes.

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is an insanely large canyon with stunning views of the rivers and flats that have been carved into the landscape through the thousands of years. The stony floor of the canyon is dotted with cactuses and quiver trees. The sheer scale of the canyon does offer a somewhat eerie feeling like you are part of a horror movie. The size of the Canyon and the layout of the canyon is very reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in the US.


The Caprivi region can be described as the lite version of Botswana. The landscape of this region is surprisingly lush with green grass, plenty of trees and flowing rivers. Animals are plentiful here as Rhinos, Elephants, Antelope, Zebras and many more animals that can be found in the Kruger as well. This region is a wonderful escape from the heat and overwhelming dunes and the salty air of the coastline. For those coming from the Lowveld, this region should be a rather familiar environment. There are plenty of amazing animal photography opportunities as there are also a stunning variety of birds that travel the skies. s
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