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Hiking Trails of the Lowveld

Mpumalanga is known for the beautiful landscape and all the beautiful sights. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit where nature is almost uninterrupted, giving you a pure and breath-taking experience. To experience all this beauty, plenty of hiking trails have been created for people to experience the beauty of Mpumalanga’s landscape up close. Here are some of the memorable Hiking trails to visit:

Bakkrans Trail

The Brakkans Trail will take you through pine plantations right at the start. You will pass into gorges and beautiful indigenous scrub forests. There are plenty of tributaries and The Brakkans Waterfall that you can pass while on the trail. The trail is a moderately difficult, 11km trail so remember to be prepared by bringing food, water and sunscreen.

Houtbosloop Trail

The Houtbosloop trail is a two day hiking trail experience where you start the 1st day at the foothills and then climbing up to the plateau. You will cross plenty of streams before reaching the overnight hut at Lisabon. The second day will be very descent as you make your way into the Houtbosloop Valley. You will visit plenty of indigenous forests and make your way to the Sour Bushveld as well as the very scarce North-Eastern Mountain Sourveld.

Beestekraalspruit Trail

The Trail starts with a gentle climb through the plain plantations and then takes you climbing through the indigenous forests until you reach the edge of the Beestekraalspruit cliff. From the edge of the cliff you will crisscross through the Beestekraalspruit, crossing wooden bridges up to 20 times which cover a total of 4 km. After leaving the stream you will steadily start making your way back to the starting point, finishing the amazing and memorable tour. This trail is a moderately difficult trail that is about 11km long.

Uitsoek Hiking Trail

On the N4, at the turnoff at Sabie and Sudwala, after about 10km after the dirt road started, turn right at the Uitsoek Hut Sign and just continue on until you reach the Uitsoek Forest Plantation. Here you can make your choice on the trail you want to take, with wonderful day trails like the Brakkrans, Beestekraal and the Houtbosloop overnight trail. These wonderful trails are a joy to experience and there are beautiful sights to behold.

Zongororo Trail

The Zongororo Trail is a 7km hike and can be found 5 km from Waterval-Boven. Waterval-Boven was founded in 1898 as a supply depot used by the Railway system. The railway line is itself a quite an amazing and memorable spectacle. The Zongororo Trail starts just after crossing the Elands River. The trail will take you up into the indigenous forest. The forest takes you further into the open mountain grassland and contouring the landscape for about a kilometre. There are perennial streams you can cross while traveling the trail. The trail gets very rugged after reaching the top of the plateau. After carefully travelling this section of the hike, you are awarded with a beautiful and very memorable view of the Elands Valley.

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