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Birds of the Garden Route

Namibia is a truly beautiful place that combines amazing and vast deserts and dunes with stunning oceanside attractions. Namibia is home to a great diversity of animals that will keep anyone exploring the vastness of the Namib excited and curious. Namibia Shares many animals with South Africa with some showing some difference.

Knysna Woodpecker

The Knysna Woodpecker can be distinguished from the other African Woodpeckers by looking at its heavily spotted underside. The males and females differ slightly in appearance, with the male having an olive green colour with yellow-olive markings while the female has a black head and is covered with white and red spots. These beautiful birds fed mainly on ants and larvae as well as beetles and termites which they use their strong beaks to peck out of the trees. The Knysna Woodpecker is endemic to South Africa and is dispersed around the coastal areas lowlands of the country.

African Emerald Cuckoo

The African Emerald Cuckoo is a stunningly beautiful bird that has a yellow front and striped brown and grey tail feathers. The Main Body of the Bird is a striking and bright green (for the males) and a mosaic brown, yellow and green(for the females. As mentioned by the colour differences, the African Emerald Cuckoo sexually dimorphic, like many other bird species are, usually with the male being the one that is bright and colourful. The Diet of the Emerald Cuckoo consists of insects like ants and caterpillars and can even find sustenance in fruits if ants and caterpillars arent available. These Beautiful birds can be found along the coastal regions of South Africa and can easily be heard and identified by its unique 4-tempo call.

Forest Buzzard

The Forest Buzzard is a fairly large predatory bird that has predominantly brown feathers with a whitish chest with little to no markings. Some adults show some variation in feather colour and markings . The feathers around its legs are uniformly a reddish brown in colour. The wings of this buzzard are whitish in colour while the colour of the tail feathers are banded and reddish brown in colour. The Forest Buzzard has a diet that consists of reptiles, small birds and insects.

Crowned Eagle

The African Crowned Eagle is a very large bird that stands at 99cm tall and has a wingspan of 2m. The Crowned eagle adults have very striking colours, with a primarily dark brown body with tinges of lighter browns and beige. Its beak gradients from black at the tip, to yellow near the face. Their legs and undersides are lighter in colour with dark spots, and their talons are bright yellow with black claws. These giant predatory birds feed on small to medium sized birds, reptiles, small mammals and antelope. These birds are incredibly powerful animals that can do serious damage to many small. Medium and even some larger prey.

Knysna Turaco

The Knysna Touraco is an unmistakable resident of the Knysna woods. This unique bird is primarily green in colour but gradients towards blue and purple towards the rear. It has bright orange eyes with white “eyeliner”. Its feathers make a mohawk that is white tipped with a black base. The wings of the Turaco are a beautiful light blue colour with its tail feathers sharing the same colour. The Turaco feeds primarily on fruits, insects, berries, and earthworms.
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