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Bundu Bashing in the Kruger National Park

Most South Africans are more than familiar with the term “bundu bashing”, but their understanding and what we’ll be talking about are two very different things. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the off road drives of the Kruger.

The roads in the Kruger National Park allow visitors to see about six per cent of what the Kruger National Park has on offer.  One way to see the rest of what Kruger has on offer is to do a walking trail.  One such trail in the wilderness of the Kruger National Park is the Olifants Trail.   This trail starts at the Letaba Camp and you spend two days hiking and three nights in the bush.  You can choose to start on a Wednesday afternoon and end on a Saturday morning or alternatively start your trial on a Sunday afternoon and end on a Wednesday morning.  When arriving at Letaba you book in at reception where you will meet up with your trail ranger and that is where the trail starts at 15h30.  It’s best to be ready to have all your equipment and last minute shopping done before the time.   


The Olifants Trail has excellent game viewing on the flat open plains.  Since the trail is situated on the banks of the popular Olirfants River, you will find yourself walking through remote valleys as well as gorges that the river cuts through.  A real high light of this trail is that you will be hiking to the spot where the Letaba and Olifants rivers join and the make their way to Mozambique.  Along this area of the hike you will find many hippos and crocodiles.  Being so close to the rivers, you will most certainly see and hear the calls of the Fish eagles.  This is also home to many other bird species making this trail a birder’s paradise.  Because of the water there is an abundance of plant life along the trail. 

When arriving at your wilderness camp, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it blends in perfectly with your environment.  Here you will find perfect peace, as you will be far away from all the normal tourist activities.  It pays to respect the wild here by not switching on your cell phone.  It’s good to note before you book that the camps are very rustic and has no generators or electricity.  Your linen will be provided in your simple A-frame hut or tent.  Also note that the ablutions facilities are all communal, but do have flush toilets and gas geysers.  Once settled in the camp, simple meals will be provided by a cook in the lapa area.  There is a very basic fence around the camp.  It is advised to use water sparingly.


The best dressing attire for a trip like this is definitely neutral coloured clothing as you need to blend into the environment.  T-shirts are not advisable as you will need a shirt that protects you neck area.  Hats and all-weather jackets should also be taken.   Make sure to take shoes that are well worn in and that also have thick soles and offer ankle support.  A torch is a good idea for use at night in the camp area. 

Must takes on a trip like this is sunscreen, insect repellent and malaria prophylactics.

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