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A Cloud Surfing Safari

Animals, just like people, behave differently and do things more or less depending on the weather. Some may be relaxing away from the sun while others love the sun and stay in it as long as possible. The Behaviour of animals are greatly dependant on the weather which means some animals will become more common while others become less common, making the Kruger Park a truly unique experiences when the weather changes.

Sunny Weather

Sunny weather is the common weather that is found in the Kruger Park. Most animals are active on sunny days as the warm weather is nice and pleasant. Animals like the Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant, Buffalo and Wildebeest can be found in and close to the watering holes to keep themselves cool from the intense heat that accompanies the sunny weather. Heavily furred animals like the Big Cats, as well as hyenas and smaller animals tend to stay in the shade during the day to avoid the heat. Nocturnal animals are not affected by the sunny weather as they find a cool place to sleep through the intense heat.

Rainy Weather

Rainy Weather is a real blessing for animals as all the intense heat is dissipated by the shower of cool and refreshing weather. Larger animals like The Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Wildebeest and Hippo travel freely and are more active as they do not have to keep cool in water sources. The Big Cats are somewhat affected by the rain as cats do not like to get wet but they welcome the rain and the refreshing coolness the rain brings. The various antelope species gladly walk around in the rain while grazing. Many birds will be unavailable during the rains as they stay warm in their nests.

Cloudy Weather

Cloudy weather provides the animals, and the tourists during a Kruger Park Safari, a more comfortable climate as the clouds provide the coolness without making everything wet. Cloudy weather allow larger animals like the Elephant and Buffalo and Hippo to stay away from waterholes for longer as the sun doesn’t pelt them with the immense heat. Predators like Lions, Leopards, Hyenas and Wild Dogs like this weather as the cool temperature and the darker lighting means they can hunt without worry of overheating and they can be more concealed while hunting. Birds can freely fly around without the worry of the sun beaming down on them.

Windy Weather

A day when the wind is noticeably busy in the Kruger Park is not that common but when it does happen, the Park and its animals definitely feel it. Animals with dense fur have a wonderful breeze that cools them down and birds have a chance to ride along the wind to they can rest their tired wings. The wind also helps animals that gather around watering holes as the wind can spray the surface of the water, creating a delightful and cooling mist when the sun is otherwise ruthless. The wind is also very common when it is cloudy and when it rains.

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