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Snakes of the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is home to an amazing variety of animals from large mammals like Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalo, Impala, Lions and more to a variety of birds, like Ostriches, hornbills. Storks and Rollers. Many species in the Kruger also include a variety of reptile species that range from skinks to crocodiles and snakes.

It is commonly believed that all snakes are dangerous and deadly and should be avoided at all costs, which unfortunately gives snakes a bad reputation. Only 7% of the 3,000 species of snakes on earth can kill or gravely injure people. South Africa, specifically the Kruger National Park, has 54 species of snake that can be found throughout the conservancy. Many of the species are considered constrictors and non-venomous, with only a few with a potent bite.


Non-Venomous Snakes are snakes that do not have any venom glands and therefore cannot create any dangerous toxins when biting. Non-Venomous snakes make up a majority of snake species in the Kruger National Park and they kill by biting and constricting their prey.

Brown House Snake

The Brown House Snake is one of the most popular snakes in South Africa and is kept as pets in many households.  Brown House Snakes are light brown in colour with a pale underside. They have light brown beige stripes that run down its sides.  They are non-venomous and resort to biting and constricting their prey before consuming.

African Rock Python

One of the most iconic constrictors in South Africa. African Rock Pythons are the largest snakes in Africa. The African Rock Python has a unique and tactical colouration that allow them to blend in seamlessly with the grass and dead leaves. They are specialized with backwards facing teeth that can hold on tightly to their prey, allowing them to easily wrap around their prey, squeezing the life out of them before swallowing them whole.

Mole Snake

The Mole snake is a non venomous snake that is native to much of Southern Africa. It has a long tubular body that is a light silver colour with a darker head. Mole Snakes can come in a variety of colours from yellow, brown and even grey. It has a rather iconic small head compared to its body.


Venomous snakes rely on a single bite to kill their prey. Different species of snakes use different concoctions of venom, from neuro toxins that affect your nervous system to Hemotoxins that attack your blood cells. These snakes give their prey a potent kiss and waits for their prey to succumb to the concoction.

Puff Adder

The Puff Adder is one of South Africa’s most infamous snakes. Unique brown colourations with white underside, the snake lies under dead leaves and in grass and completely disappears, waiting for their prey. Known to be one of the most dangerous snakes in South Africa, with a single bite able to kill a fully grown man if not treated within an hour.

Black Mamba

The Black Mamba has a feared reputation all throughout the world. The Black Mamba is a long slender snake with a silvery grey appearance. It gets its name from its pitch Black mouth that it often opens when threatened. It is very aggressive and has a habit of pursuing attackers or prey. It has a potent concoction of venom that is extremely fatal.

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