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Info about Johannesburg and Soweto

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is in the Top 50 urban areas in the world. Johannesburg is the Capital City of Gauteng, the wealthiest Province in South Africa. The City is located in the mineral rich Witwatersrand hills and is the center of the Gold and Diamond trade and was also a host city during the 2010 FIFA world cup. Though the city is so large, there isn’t very much in the terms of cultural significance as the city is more focused on commercialism and marketing. There are a few memorial sites and historically significant areas that are definitely worth visiting. Though Johannesburg is focused more on commercialism, Soweto is the culturally rich other half to the City.

Soweto used to be a separate city on the outskirts of Johannesburg that used to house native African American workers from the gold mine industry. Soweto eventually got incorporated into Johannesburg in 1994. Soweto today is very colourful and full of cultural influences that more than make up for the lack of colour and culture Johannesburg has.  Kurt Safari Co. has wonderful tours that allow you to experience the cultural, commercial and historic wonders of Johannesburg as well as Soweto.

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Half Day Soweto Tour

The Soweto Tour starts at the pickup points at Sandton and Rose bank early in the morning. After the pickup, you will depart to the large cluster of townships known as Soweto. At the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, you will have a very amazing panoramic view of the local area from the footbridge of the hospital. The next stop of this wonderful Cultural experience is Orlando West which is where the home of the former late president, Nelson Mandela is located. The old home is now known as the Mandela House Museum, which is a memorial that allows you to indulge in the history of Nelson Mandela and his impact on Apartheid and South Africa. This is an eye opening experience where you get to know Nelson Mandela and will have an insight on how Nelson Mandela ended Apartheid hand and what he did during his time as president.
The exterior of the museum tells an interesting story. The walls of this little red matchbox house, that was built in 1976, can be seen filled with bullet holes as well as the black scorch marks from petrol bombs that were thrown at the house while he was in prisoned on Robben Island. Mandela returned to this home even though he has build a new home, because it is the home of his memories. The Mandela House Museum is not the only memorable site in the area. Just down the road in Vilikazi street, you can witness the mansion of the late Winnie Madikizela Mandela, the current home of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Just around the corner of Vilikazi is the Hector Pieterson Memorial where the student uprising of 1976 began. More closer to where Mandela’s home is located is where pieterson fell. The average duration of this Soweto Tour is about 4 hours. There are plenty of cultural hotspots in Soweto, but it would take more than a day to experience what Soweto has to offer.

Full Day Johannesburg Tour – Soweto Bicycle Tour

The Bicycle tour will start after everyone is picked up at the two pick up spots at Sandton and Rosebank early in the morning. Your tour starts with your guides giving you a quick safety lesson and will tell you the route and what you will be expecting. You will be kitted up and given a bicycle. The first stop on this unique bicycle tour is at Orlando West and East Lookout Point. Here we can visit the home of one of South Africa’s favourite soccer teams, the Orlando Pirates where you can learn about the history of Soweto and all of the developments that happen all around the city. Next stop on the bicycle tour is the Mzhimphlope Men’s Hostel. Here you can learn about the history of the area as well as the local community of the Meadowlands from all the local pubs and hostels. It is very interesting interacting with the locals and listen to all of the amazing and unique stories from the older members of the community. Other stops on this bicycle tour is the mansion of the Jazz artist Abigail Khubeka, the Hector Pieterson Memorial, where the student uprising in 1976 took place and is also very close to where Pieterson was shot and killed, and the Nelson Mandela House Museum. The old house of former President Mandela was attacked while he was in prison as bullet holes and black scorch marks are evidence on the walls of theis red matchbox house. After this culture filled tour, you will receive a traditional meal Al Fresco at Lebo’s Backpackers before travelling back to your hotels.

Half Day Johannesburg City Tour

Johannesburg is not known for a lot of cultural influences as the city was built more on commercialism and was founded as a result of the diamond and gold trade that was booming in the area. Johannesburg now is one of the busiest cities in South Africa and is also the Financial Centre of the country. Just because there isn’t many cultural sites to see, you can still experience some key places in this bustling Metropolis. Booming with lights, life and vibes Exploring Johannesburg is a real experience.
Constitution Hill is the insightful living museum that encased the history of South Africa’s road to Democracy. The site is actually a former military fort and prison that reveals the turbulent past and is now home of the country’s Constitutional Court. The Court Building is the only place of incarceration in South Africa that has held world renowned names, including Nelson Mandela, Joe Slovo, Mahatma Ghandi, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, Fatima Meer and Albertina Sisulu. Before being a prison, this building used to be a military for as stablished earlier. This building used to hold thousands of people throughout the 100 years the fort and prison was in service.
The Center Business District is one of the few places in Johannesburg that has been impacted by arts and culture. There are more than 560 wooden crafted heads around Newtown and there is also the Banner of Hope, which is a steel sculpture of South Africa’s flag that is located in front of the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre. A memorable and amazing site is also to travel to the Magistrates Court as well as the Supreme Court and the City Hall. There is something about visiting the sites of famous and intimidating buildings like the Magistrate court that instill a feeling of respect and fear.

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