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Skywalk della finestra di Dio

High up in the clouds around the village of Graskop lies a place that is otherworldly. Known as God’s Window, a short hiking trail takes guests up to the edge of a peak in the escarpment mountains and unveils a sight that will stay with them forever. The view from the top can be enough to take your breath away and even without a camera in hand, you will never forget the beauty to be seen from this viewpoint.

For a long time, the only way to experience God’s Window was by a few lookout points, that were often overcrowded with tourists.

But now, this old Panorama Route attraction is set for a revamp.

Recently, it was announced that God’s Window was going to become the site for South Africa’s very first skywalk.

The project is set to launch in 2023 and will be higher than the other skywalks in the world, namely the Grand Canyon skywalk and the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. The God’s Window Skywalk will have guests standing some 900 meters above the ground which is quite the dizzying height!

As the skywalk will be made of a cantilevered glass walkway that will be suspended off of the edge of the God’s Window lookout point, guests will for the first time be treated to 360 views of the Lowveld below. The walkway will extend 12 meters out from the cliff and it will be 5 meters wide.

Given the fact that the Blyde River Canyon area already attracts 1 million travellers every year, this additional feature is going to be a most welcome attraction to the area, and will serve well along with the Graskop Gorge lift which is already set up.

When the skywalk is complete, guests will need to stay around 1 or 2 days longer in the area, if they wish to visit all of the special attractions that the area has to offer.

About God’s Window

God’s Window is quintessentially a natural attraction. Apart from a very simple visitors area where guests can shop for local souvenirs and go to the bathroom, the entire area comprises of a few well-kept paths and the various lookout points which are at the end of the trails. The area has been left as natural as possible, and this rain forest feel is part of the attraction.

God’s Window forms a part of the famous Panorama Route, which is one of South Africa’s most exciting tourist destinations. The route consists of forests and water falls, as well as beautiful old towns where guests to the area can stop for a break. The route also includes the Blyde River Canyon, which is one of the biggest and oldest canyons in the world.

The Panorama Route is on the road from the Kruger National Park and often forms a part of a Kruger Park safari package. Such Kruger safaris are often preferred by first time guests to the area, as it gives the trip a bit of variety.

If you are planning a Kruger Park safari, then be sure to include a Panorama Route tour in your selection.



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