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Sanbona Private Game Reserve


Located comfortably on the foot of the Waterberg Mountain Range in the heart of the Litte Karoo. Sanbona pays lots of tribute to the San people in both style and architecture. Sanbona has a beautiful and still atmosphere with stunning clear air and complete isolation from the disturbances of the outside world. At Dwyka Tented Lodge, the tents blend in stunningly or effortlessly into the beautiful surroundings. Beautiful rock formations line the surroundings that was once home to ancient San hunters. 

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Luxury Tents

The Luxury and amazing tents of the Dwyka Tented Lodge are both spacious and luxurious. Each Lodge has a private balcony, minibar, Outdoor Shower, Electronic safe, and freestanding bath.

Game Drives

Sabona Private Game Reserve has amazing animal encounters throughout its beautiful landscapes. Each amazing safari lasts 3 hours and can be enjoyed in the beauty of the sunrise or the sunset. Each Game Drive is led by a trained Ranger in an open game viewing vehicle. Visitors are allowed to share any interests they have that the ranger will try to incorporate into the tour, allowing for a truly memorable experience.

San Rock Art

Sanbona pays a lot of tribute to the San people in the architecture as well as the decor of the lodges. This tribute stems from the area Sanbona is located, the area where the ancient San people called home. Many San Tribes travelled these stunning and vast spans of land for thousands of years up until 100 years ago. 

The San were proud hunters and they have been known to record their actions, from hunts to ceremonies, on cave and rock walls. These amazing rock art gives us a look into the lives of the ancient San people and their traditions. There are 7 recorded San Rock Art locations at Sanbona and visitors are allowed to visit these amazing locations to experience these pieces of ancient art for themselves. 

Boat Safari

Sanbona offers visitors the experience to explore the beauty of the Sanbona Private Game Reserve from the water. Visitors are transported to the very impressive Bellair Dam that is located in the middle of this vast wild expanse. The vehicle of choice for this boat tour is a boat called the Perigrine, named after the famed Perigrine Falcon, a bird of prey from the Falcon family. This unique water bound safari experience provides a different and unique perspective to the beauty and vastness of this wild expanse. 

Star Gazing

Sanbona is located out in the open, far from any cities or towns that can cause any sort of light pollution. Because of the lack of light pollution, Sanbona has night skies that are absolutely breathtaking and clear. Visitors are able to experience the beauty of the night sky with a knowledgable guide that will help them interpret the different constellations found in the southern hemisphere. Very few places have skies as beautiful and clear as Sanbona and truly leave its visitors in awe.

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  • Private Safe
  • International Dial Telephone

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