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Kruger Park Safari Safety Tips

Regardless of whether you are going on a Kruger Park safari or an East African adventure, the same rules apply when it comes to safety.

The African safari is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Firstly, it’s really wild. No animals locked behind cages. And secondly, it can be very rugged, depending on where you go and what activities you choose to do. Staying safe when you are on safari is the number one priority of all good safari companies. We say all good safari companies because not all safari companies are the same. This is why it is so important to make sure that you book your tour with the company that has plenty of great reviews and that is willing to go the extra mile.

But we are going off topic. Safety is a priority and it is important whether you are with a company or treating yourself to a self-drive safari. The animals you come across might look cute and mostly calm or docile, which can make you forget that they are wild. However, many of the animals you are likely to see, such as elephant, hippo and buffalo, are known for having tempers, especially when they have young ones with them.

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The General Kruger Park Safari Safety Tips

When entering a wildlife sanctuary, or a national nature reserve, you can expect that there will be certain conditions that you will have to adhere to. These rules are put in place for both your safety as well as the safety of the animals. It is their home after all, and if you go disturbing their habitat, you must understand that you could be causing the animals some distress.

To help guide you on your safari, these are some of the best safety tips to follow when on safari:

  • Don’t leave your car/open safari vehicle Should you be on a safari with a company, you will be stopped from leaving the vehicle. But when on your own, there is no one to stop you…but yourself. Getting out of your car, even if it is to lean an arm out of the window to take a shot of that beautiful lion, the one seemingly relaxing under the bushes, is dangerous. No part of your body should leave the vehicle, and if you see someone doing this, you should report them for the sake of their own safety.
  • Don’t get up too close and personal There is the temptation to get as close to the animal as possible, whether it is to take a lovely photo or to simply get a better view. The safari company won’t get too close, but if you should be on your own you might be tempted to get your vehicle close to the animal. This could scare the animal or even harm it. Bigger animals, in particular, should be kept an appropriate distance away from your car. You don’t know what temperament they might have.
  • When on a walking safari A bush walk is one of the best ways to spend your time in Africa. In the company of an experienced guide, you will make your way down an often used bush path, seeing nature with no barriers. But this is also one of the most dangerous types of Kruger Park safaris to embark on if you don’t follow the rules. While a guide will have a weapon to keep you safe from potential harm, there are some things to know, such as not swimming in pools or rivers, and packing the right kind of attire. For a bush walk be sure to pack comfortable shoes, an insect repellent and a decent sunscreen.
  • Don’t carry around food You might think that when in a rest camp, you are safe. Well, you are safe from the bigger game but you won’t be completely safe from cheeky monkeys. Kruger Park safaris are great because there are many places to stop off to buy a snack and relax, but keep a lookout for nearby monkeys. Swinging down from a tree, they are known for snatching food right out of the hands of visitors!
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The Kruger Parks safaris available from our touring company will keep you safe, even more so if you follow the rules. You can book your tour of the world’s favourite nature reserve today.

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