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Kruger Day Tours: Avoid These Common Mistakes

The idea of visiting Africa and embarking on a safari is one that has kept generations of people from all over the world interested. Travelling to far flung Africa countries, experiencing a different culture and a different way of living, all while being close to some of the most incredible animals in the world are just a few of the daydreams shared by millions still.

You can experience the thrill of Africa with Kruger Day Tours when you book with the right company, but before you start your planning there are a few things to know.

Safari means journey, and when you are planning your tour you will quickly see that it is indeed a remarkable journey you are about to head off on. You won’t be packing for a luxury beach holiday or only packing your comfortable sandals rather than sturdy shoes. Instead, to make sure that you are experiencing the safari adventure of a lifetime, there are a few things to do.

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Many people coming to Africa for the first time make a few mistakes with their planning. These mistakes don’t herald the end of the earth, but they can be annoying at best. These are the common mistakes to avoid.

  • Buying too much gear You are not hiking Mount Kilimanjaro (unless you, in fact, are, in which case please ignore this tip). For those not going hiking or climbing, you don’t need all of the latest and greatest gear out there. Gear will take up space, it will make it difficult for you to move around, and you are always going to be worried about gear being stolen. A good pair of walking shoes, a quality camera and comfortable clothing should be enough. And if you are not sure then TALK to your safari company…that is what they are there for. 
  • Playing with fire If you are visiting South Africa in particular, you will need to take malaria pills. To put the gravity of this into perspective for you, around 400 000 people still die from malaria each year in Africa. Forget everything that you might have heard about malaria being a thing of the past, instead be sure to take your pills. AND TAKE THEM PROPERLY! This is not a time to mess around with your medication, you’ll be playing with fire!
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  • Keep drinking to a minimum Africa is a hot continent and you can easily become dehydrated. So when you are spending your nights getting more than a little tipsy, your body will be depleted in terms of water and this could lead to illness. But that is not the only reason why you should be keeping your drinking to a minimum. Terrible hangovers and having to ask the safari to constantly stop at a restroom will ruin your safari. Enjoy a sundowner, but don’t go overboard.
  • So much to do Here is where your planning really becomes important. You are likely to only be spending a maximum of 10 days on safari depending on the safari you have booked. Some Kruger Day tours can offer more days, depending on your budget. But in general, your time in beautiful Africa is limited. When it comes time to plan, you must make sure that you are realistic in what you will be able to do and what you will be able to see. Safaris are not zoos, there is a chance that the animals you have always wanted to see won’t make an appearance. The more days you spend in the park, the better, but there is never a guarantee. Then you need to consider whether or not you will be spending all of your time in one location, or if you will be moving around. Should you be on the move, you will have even more limited time in that location. A common mistake for those visiting for the first time is planning too many things to do and not actually getting to enjoy any of it because they are always in a rush. Remember, you are on holiday! There is no need to rush, and you can always come back.

We have some of the most affordable, and some of the best, Kruger Day Tours available. Book your safari with Kurt Safari and we’ll give you a safari worth remembering!

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